Aryaman Capital Markets Ltd & Group

Recruiter’s Name: Aryaman Capital Markets Ltd & Group
Eligibility: V-V, III-III, Past Graduates
Position: General Manager
Job Description: Role of a general manager, who will be running in sync with the directors, all day to day activities of the various business
interests of the group, aiming at growing the desingnated verticals at a swift and exponential level, with the ultimate goal of
becoming the sole runner of each of the businesses independent of the directors’ direct involvement.
Responsibilities and duties:
1. To take full control of each aspect (right from compliance, revenue models, work allocation, client interfacing, client
generation to ideation for growth) of the current ongoing efforts of each business arm, (D. P., Broking, Fund management,
legal matters, running the booking/administration office of the hotel etc ) it’s day to day activities, short term goals, long term
goals to the ultimate vision behind the entire exercise.
2. To make daily to do lists for the junior staff reporting to you and for yourself and the director, with a view to achieve a
certain target daily, weekly, monthly.
3. To oversee and ensure the timely completion of these tasks of the junior staff, guiding them and pushing them to deliver
their best.
4. To understand the full vision of what the job entails and once clear, to start taking initiative and coming up with newer
ideas to achieve what is desired.
5. To have the focus and discipline to work hard at a given task and not let up till it is achieved whether it is finishing the
reading of a certain legal paperwork that is required or going for on filed research on how to increase revenue for the hotel
6. To be willing and ready to do the most meagre task to tasks involving ideation and innovation and decisions involving
large investments, all with the same hard work, sincerity and focus, knowing it is all for a larger cause.
Candidate Requirements: Should have a terrific and dynamic attitude towards producing results as desired, should not be closed to any type of task, should be a fast thinker, positive minded, solution generating person, should have a certain passion for business, an eagerness to prove oneself amongst the crowd, should have initiative and self belief that he could be in a completely different demographic in 3 years based on the sheer hard work that he/she would do with us in this job.
Subject: Application for Aryaman Capital Markets Ltd
Deadline: 6th March, 11:59 PM
Important Note:
1) The CVs Should be Strictly in Placement CV Format. Here is the link for the same –
2) Mention your contact details in the mail and not in the CV.
3) Above-mentioned details are subject to changes made by the Recruiter. Placement Committee shall not be liable for the same.

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