AZB & Partners

Recruiter’s Name: AZB & Partners
Eligibility: V-V, III-III
Position: Paralegal
Joining: January, 2019 (Post semester examination)
Department: Funds Team
Duration: Till end of semester i.e 10th Semester / 6th Semester
Email ID:
Subject: Application for AZB
Deadline: 4th December, 2018, 8:00 AM
Important Note
1)Interested students are required to mail their CV AND fill the Google form linked below within the deadline. Applications of those who fail to complete either of these 2 steps within the deadline will not be forwarded to the firm.
2)Mention your contact details in the mail and not in the CV.
3)Above-mentioned details are subject to changes made by the Recruiter. Placement
Committee shall not be liable for the same.

Link to Google Form:

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