Bulwark Solicitors

Recruiter’s Name: Bulwark Solicitors
Eligibility: Past Graduates
Position: Associate
Joining: Immediate
Recruiter’s Description:
Bulwark Solicitors is a small and closely held strictly non-hierarchical team of 8 (eight) in-house persons. Hence, any member, be it Intern or an Associate is an integral part of the team, and accordingly they invest time in imparting good legal training to each of the team members.
Job Description:
The Associate will assist the firm in both Corporate & Commercial Laws, Litigation, Insolvency Law and Real Estate Practice.
Broadly speaking, the firm practices mainly in Corporate Law, Litigation (including arbitration), Commercial Law, Insolvency Law & Real Estate and Conveyancing.
Under Corporate Law area, it practices in Company Law, Securities Law, Mergers and Amalgamations, Investment Transactions, Legal Due Diligence and Foreign Exchange Management Laws.
Billable Work:
A) Non-contentious work will broadly involve –
•Researching and drafting of various legal documents including but not limited to (a) opinions, (b) various types of commercial agreements and (c) corporate and secretarial documentation.
•Participating in client’s counselling meetings, legal due diligences, investment transactions, etc.
B) Litigation work will broadly involve –
•Researching, drafting of various kinds of pleadings.
•Assisting in documentation work involved in a litigation matter.
•Briefing counsels, attending conferences with the clients, attending court hearings, etc.
Non-Billable Work:
Along with billable work, associates will have to contribute in the non-billing research activities of our firm, i.e. :-
•Reading various law journals pertaining to different areas of law practice,
•Analysing legal developments, preparing legal research updates, articles, write ups, power point presentation on varied legal topics etc.
Candidate Requirements:
•Candidate should be reasonably intelligent, hard-working, focused, soft spoken and humble.
•Candidate should have effective drafting, communication and analytical skills, professional approach, well planned and organised way of working.
•Reading of law journals by the candidate on a regular basis is must.
•Preference will be given to the candidate who has a C.S. (Company Secretary) degree, or who have passed / attempted at least some papers of Professional (Final) Level of CS.
Remuneration: INR 40,000 P.M. commencing from the time the Candidate graduates as a lawyer (i.e. receives the final semester results) for the first year and INR 50,000 P.M. for the 2nd year.
The Firm follows a 80:20 policy wherein 80% of the monthly remuneration will be paid at the end of each month and balance 20% will be a Retained Component which will be paid to the Candidate subject to completion of -1- year with us as an associate. The same principle applies for 2nd year also.
Probationary Period: Probationary Training Period of 6 months wherein the first 6 months the remuneration will be INR 35,000 per month and thereafter it will be INR 40,000 per month for the 1st year and 50,000 per month for 2nd year.
Working Hours: 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM with two Working Saturdays.
Leaves: 21 days of paid leaves annually.
Outstation Leaves: Yes but not frequently.
Termination: 1 month’s notice from either side (in case of termination for convenience)
Address: Office no. 417, Jolly Bhavan No. 1, 10, New Marine Lines, Mumbai- 400020
Website: www.bulwarksolicitors.com
Email ID: placements.glc@gmail.com
Subject: Application for Bulwark – Associate
Deadline: 13th September, 2019, 10:00 PM
Important Note:
1) The CVs Should be Strictly in Placement CV Format. Here is the link for the same – http://www.glcplacements.com/…/09/New-Placement-CV-Format3.…
2)Mention your contact details in the mail and not in the CV.
3) Above-mentioned details are subject to changes made by the Recruiter. Placement Committee shall not be liable for the same.

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