Diligence Consulting LLP

Recruiter’s Name: Diligence Consulting LLP
Position: Intern
Eligibility: V-IV, V-V & III-II, III-III
Recruiter’s Description:
Diligence Consulting LLP is a forensic consulting firm based out of Churchgate, Mumbai specializing into white collar crime investigation. Fraud investigations and fraud risk management is our forte.  We specialize in employee fraud investigation and have experience of working with leading listed Indian corporates.
Diligence Consulting LLP is a part of the Derisq group. Derisq group’s Chairman is Dr. Pasricha, former Director General of Police (DGP) – Maharashtra.
For more details you may visit their website www.derisq.com
Candidate Requirement:
• Female Candidates will be preferred.
Job Description:
Assist the engagement manager in conducting fact finding investigations by conducting one or more of the following key activities:
1. Conduct legal research work which may be helpful for the case under investigation
2. Conduct document and data review with an eye for detail to identify fraud
3. Assist the engagement manager and the engagement Partner in developing client solutions with focus on criminal offences
4. For employee fraud investigations, conduct email/disk data reviews with an objective of identifying incriminating or circumstantial evidence of fraud perpetrated and in the process identify additional employees/third parties such as vendors etc. who may be colluding with the fraudster.
5. Gather information on the fraudster by identifying information available on social media websites and other internet based searches
6. Assist the engagement manager in drafting of the forensic report
7. Shadow the engagement Partner in the criminal cases filed with the local Police and assist with criminal laws reference wherever required.
Subject: Application for Diligence
Deadline: 15th April, 2019, 11:59 PM
Important Note:
1) The CVs Should be Strictly in Placement CV Format. Here is the link for the same – http://www.glcplacements.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/New-Placement-CV-Format3.pdf
2) Mention your contact details and residential address in the mail.
3) Stipend/Remuneration would be decided post interview.
4) Above-mentioned details are subject to changes made by the Recruiter. Placement Committee shall not be liable for the same.

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